Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools–

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Best  Twitter tool for Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools –

I personally likes twitter very much , in twitter when you follow any one and if the person doesn’t follow you back then you wants to unfollow the users who don’t follow you or the users who unfollow you after you follow them, because there are some users who wants to follow them but in return they don’t follow you back that’s what i hate , so to unfollow them all at the same time these bulk twitter follow and unfollow tools are very important tool to do that


Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools
friend follow
Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow
  • Most of  us we are thinking all the time how to manage growing number friends and followers on twitter , for that these tools can offer a solution. If you want to follow back people who are following you or opposite – unfollow people who don’t follow you back check out these amazing tools.


twitter 1
Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools 1

Just unfollow –

just unfollow
Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools 2


  • Very useful auto-follow platform for  users following you, depending on your specified keywords. Can be very useful for building a huge audience around some specific brand ar your websites or blogs, etc.

Friend or follow

Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools 3

I like this


  • In this Besides displaying lists of your twitter friends, followers who follow you in fan page, following whom you follow but they r not, friends are mutual followers,you can get most followed user list, user growth chart and other information.
  • his is the tool i likes most to use bulk unfollow users at the same time it shows you the list who follow you and whom you follow but he doesn’t follow you in return then you can unfollow then in just in one click selectively


Your Twitter Karma

Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools 4


  • This is one of my twitter tool,This tool is very popular because of its rich functionality for twitter. most important features is one way, two-way, or mutual relation indication is shows with every  users image, you just select the task you want to do, but now the bulk unfollow task is not working because of twitter guidelines.




un tw
Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools 5


  • This tool offers to unfollow twitter users who have not posted any tweets recently. It is very useful to get rid of these users who don’t use twitter anymore.



in tw
Best twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools 6


  • It may be a good alternative of bulk follow/unfollow tools who offer pretty much the same functionality and if you like this one better give it a try to then reply me by comment.
  • these are really the best bulk twitter follow and unfollow tool for twitter users to manage there twitter account with ease . after finding these twitter tools my twitter account handling is very simple and easy, it took only minutes to follow and unfollow in bulk with these tools,
  • I really like this one – because it is really simple, but works like others and great. It have all main necessary functions and also works pretty fast.
  • These are the most wanted tool for twitter account managing, I hope it will help you, for more updates subscribe free email newsletter .