How to change wordpress default login logo with custom logo in simple steps

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Step by step guide to change WordPress default login logo with custom logo

How to use own Login Logo ,This is the most interesting idea for every WordPress users, whenever we are surfing sometime when we try to register to someones site for guest writer or something, then we saw their own login logo, then the question come to mind how to do this, after some search on internet and a little trick i found the way to do this in best way,  here i will so you how to do this in very easy methods, for change WordPress default login logo with your own custom logo,

Your own logo login is very interesting and it give a good impression on all your visitors who register to your site, it is really very nice to have your own login logo because it gives your site some different identification in the huge croude of the blogging universe.

how to change wp login logo guide 2

how to change wp login logo guide 2


  • when we are login to WordPress we all saw the WordPress default login logo in screen, but in some blogs we will find some custom logo of their own .

Hear is step by step guide with simple words to do this in WordPress

step 1—Creat your own logo

  • for that we can use photo shop or coral draw anything you likes to use ,
  • create a .png format file with  transparent background, for your own site with dimension
  • width – 310px,  hight — 70px,
  • and save this image in your system at safe place, and rename it to ( logo-login.png ) and save it.

step 2—upload image to server

  • now open your Ftp client FileZilla or anything you uses to get the access to your hosting,
  • and open the  (your
how to change wp login logo guide 3

how to change wp login logo guide 3

  • and upload this saved logo-login.png image to this directory,

step 4—change in css for this new logo-login.png image,

  • now again open Ftp client , and open the directory  (your,
  • and download the ( login.css )  file to your system,
how to change wp login logo guide 5

how to change wp login logo guide 5

  • now change the login background image url extension from ( logo-login.gif ) to ( logo-login.png ), as shown in images, and save this changed css,
  • now upload this modified ( login.css ) to the directory (your,
  • the ftp clint will ask for replace the css, allow this and all done well then you are ready to show of the world your custom login logo, for register purpose etc.