How to Choose the Best Hosting for your WordPress site Beginner Guide

How to Choose the Best Hosting for your WordPress site

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This is one of the most frustrating question how to choose best hosting,

First we have to discus what is good hosting and it’s benefits —

  • Hosting is an online drive or space where you can put all the files images and database for your site,
  • and whenever any user open your site in any web browser the requested files ae shown in the web browser with the predefined configuration like css of the site some web browsers have its own css if site don’t have any css.
Hosting for your WordPress
How to Choose the Best Hosting for your WordPress site Beginner Guide

Now how a good hosting help your site —

  • as we all know that waiting is one of the most frustrating for anything and it is true for websites too, you have felt this many time while you are surfing, some sites will open spontaneously while others are not opening , that’s the difference, of loading time,
  • The Hosting plays the main role for this because whenever your browser request for any file the server of your hosting process it and send it to the browser, and this time varies for different hosting and different hosting plans,
  • so always choose the good hosting,

How to define the hosting is Good or Bad —

  • the question is looks simple but the answer is quite deficult to answer, But after these years in web publishing and working as a webmaster now i can answer the question,
  • In single word the good host will give you 100% uptime with low loading time

what is this 100% uptime —

  • it’s mean that your site is available for users to read and search all the time, mean 100% uptime, this is one of the main difference between a good hosting and a bad hosting,
  • the other one is loading time this the time in which your page loaded in your web browser after opening the link in browser,
  • the loading time is around 3-6 second for a medium hosting and it will be less than 1 second for most of professional hosting, and vps hostings,
  • in next post i will tell you about the VPS Hosting,
  • now back to the Topic, the Best hosting for Beagining a Website with WordPress

These are the List of Main hosting —

  • I will recomend to you Must choos to get the Lightning start your site with wordpress
Rank Webhost Price Setup & domain Discount code Disk space Money back Up Time
1 clip_image011go to hostgator $6.95 free 25medicscientist Unlimited 45 Day 99.9%
2 clip_image006go to dreamhost $8.95 free 25medicscientist Unlimited anytime 99.9%
3 clip_image004go to BlueHost $3.95 free just go by our link Unlimited Anytime 99.9%
4 clip_image002go to HostMonster $3.95 free just go by our link Unlimited Anytime 99.9%

HostGator —

  • Hostgator is my favourite as i already told you in past few years i have tried many hosting including all the hosting in the list, but the hostgator is my favouriet, because hostgator gives me what a professional website need, it gives 100% uptime you can check the uptime with the ,
  • and the other important thing is the loading time is almost minimum , average load time is 2-3 sec,
  • The hostgator Shared hosting support about 10000 visitor / day without any downtime and without any problem and these no of visitor are more than sufficient for beginner because to get 10000 visitor / day you need to work continuously for 2-4 years as now a days the competition is quite tough in web world.

BlueHost —

  • This is the second for beginning a WordPress site, the Bluehost is also the one of the best hosting for professional hosting, but as now we are talking for beginning a website so the bluehost is, at second point because it cost a little more for a beginning,
  • Blue host also support more than 10000 visitor/ day without any problem

DreamHosting —

  • The Dream hosting is comes to the 3rd no accorging to my ranking, some people gives dreamhosting best ranking for beginner, I have my own reasons like for a beginner the cost of dreamhosting is a litle more as compared to Hostgator
  • and as i feel it feels difficulty if you have uses multiple sites in your single shared hosting account,
  • I think these are the hosting you have to choose as my experience all these years, i have tried many other hosting too but I don’t recommends them at all because i have experience so much difficult time due to these some bad hosting which says to give you more than any other but in real they don’t give you anything,

And the most important thing —

  • as you are a beginner you have to ragister a hosting account with any of these comp, why don’t you uses my reference coupne code or link,
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Use our HostGator discount coupne —

Code —

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DreamHost Discount code —

  • 25medicscientist
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  • by this you will get the 25% discount in any plan you subscribe , but it is better to use the baby plan because in that plan you can host multiple sites,
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Use BlueHost hosting —

  • Go to Bluehost Hosting
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Use Hostmonster —

  • Go to Hostmonster Hosting
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important Notice —
  • bluehost and Hostmonster don’t give direct discount but don’t worry we give you the 50% commission of referral money to you as discount.
  • along this discount we give you the 50% of the commotion after we get it, the hostgator will give the commission after the 3 month of the registering your hosting, because within (90 days) 3 month hostgator gives you anytime money back guarantee ,
  • so we will refund the 50% commission after the 3 month, for that you have to give the detail of your hosting account name you have registered with the site for which you have registered
  • we are recommend you hostgator rather than the low $50 commetion , while with bluehost and hostmonster we get higher commission $65 and $60 with dreamhost,
  • But still we recommend you to go with Hostgator because you are a beginner and the Hostgator support is really one of the finest support you ever get.
Importent Note 2 —
  • Free-wordpress-installation-and-seo-optimization-services
  • If you are new to setup the account we will help you in setting your site in WordPress, site migration from blogger to wordpress or from other hosting , in exchange the commission we offer you.
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