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Country Codes for TOP Level DOMAINS and SEO Benefits


COUNTRY CODES FOR TOP-LEVEL DOMAINS and SEO Benefits - these are the Top domain Country codes for country specific, these country specific extensions can only be available to the native to the country by the rule for global domain authority , because it is supposed that the country specific domain is useful for the contents which is more related to the country and its people. What is the use of...

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How to create perfect robots.txt all about Robots.txt


How to create perfect robots.txt file for WordPress WordPress is very delicate system with multiple plugins we can increase its functionality, Why we need this robots.txt in WordPress – this robots.txt is the most important and essential file for a webmaster to manage the control access of robot to the website directories, by controlling the search bot from expressing to some useless...

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How to Stop WordPress Extra Excessive Automatic False Duplicate pinging


How to stop extra Duplicate False pinging in WordPress ,Stop WordPress Pinging – How to Stop WordPress Extra Excessive Automatic False Duplicate pinging WordPress Pinging Update Services are tools you can use to let other people know you’ve updated your blog. WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a XML-RPC ping each...

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The Perfect Free Automatic Database Backup plug-in and Gmail


The Perfect Free WordPress Automatic  Database Backup with WP-Backup plug-in and Gmail WordPress backup is the most important thing that every WordPress user should do at regular intervals, because there is if any problem come in your hosting and your database or any other files are lost or corrupt then what would you do after that , so it is better if you took a backup og your database at...

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