How to Choose the Best Hosting for your WordPress site Beginner Guide


How to Choose the Best Hosting for your WordPress site with The hosting discount we give you the 50% commission of our affiliate reward. This is one of the most frustrating question how to choose best hosting, First we have to discus what is good hosting and it’s benefits – Hosting is an online drive or space where you can put all the files images and database for your site, and...

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Top 25 SEO Plugins for WordPress


Top 25 SEO Plugins for WordPress These are The Most Useful SEO Plugins for wordpress SEO , these plugins definitely increase your on page and off page SEO performance, for download them just go to add new plugin in your WordPress Dashboard and search by the name, and just install them and activate them and you will definitely feel the change in your search ranking after some time.   SEO...

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Best Premium WordPress Business Theme Lean Biz business theme


LeanBiz is a lean, mean, WordPress business theme This LeanBiz is a lean, mean, business theme is one of the best professional theme for those who wants to convert his WordPress blog to a professional website with fullfunctionality, LeanBiz is a lean, mean, business theme support all kind of advance features which are needed to manage the theme design and layout, with its latest e-panel the...

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How to Limit the no of Tag in Tag Cloud in WordPress


How to Limit the number of Tag in Tag Cloud in WordPress In WordPress we have this tag cloud features but most of us don’t wants to show as much tag cloud as it shows by default, there are many reason for Limit the number of Tag in Tag Cloud like too many tag in tag cloud increase the total no of links in our single page which is not good for search engine because google bot only...

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Top 5 Best free seo wordpress Themes


Best WordPress theme for seo ,Free seo theme WordPress ,free seo WordPress themes Seo WordPress themes are very important for search engine and make your site visible in search, so now we have to use these best WordPress theme for seo and google search point of view if we uses these seo specialist themes then it will definitely help our site in getting a better search position, now a...

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How to create perfect robots.txt all about Robots.txt


How to create perfect robots.txt file for WordPress WordPress is very delicate system with multiple plugins we can increase its functionality, Why we need this robots.txt in WordPress – this robots.txt is the most important and essential file for a webmaster to manage the control access of robot to the website directories, by controlling the search bot from expressing to some useless...

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