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  • Matrimonial WebDesigning script is a powerful PHP script exclusively for matrimony which is user-friendly in all bases including search, update, add/remove, and edit profiles from the database.
  • Member registration includes feeding information like basic details, religious background, physical status, and profile insertion with a confirmation message.
  • The matrimonial script includes features to login through id or email address along with finding forgotten password provision.
  • The search feature of member id includes simple to complex functions where the member profile can accept updates including profile, photo, horoscope, change password and other interests.


  • Members Registration Feature
  • Members Login Feature
  • Search / Find Profiles Feature

Other Features

  • Basic Profile Details
    Contact Information
    Partner Profile Details
    Physical Status
    Registration Confirmation Message
    Religious Background
  • · Change Password
  • · Contact Other Members Profile (if paid members)
  • · Edit Profile Details and partner profile details
  • · Forgot Password option
  • · Login by Profile ID, Password
  • · Print Profile
  • · Send Personalized messages to Other Members (for paid members).
  • · Upgrade membership if free member/account expired
  • · Upload Photos
  • · View user profile
  • · View/Edit Contact details

Member’s Profile Feature

  • · City search
  • · Keyword Search
  • · Online Member Search
  • · Profession Search
  • · Saved searches
  • · Search Profile by ID

· Smart search Profile

  • Ø By Marital status , City , State , Country , Gender wise with photo. option is there to save the search.
  • Ø By Mother Tongue, Religion, Age, Gender, country and who are currently online.
  • Ø By Mother Tongue, Religion, Age, Gender, country, city wise with photo and with specific words in their profile (e.g. lawyer, Iyer, New Jersey) .
  • Ø By Mother Tongue, Religion, Age, Gender, country, city wise with photo and by profession .
  • Ø By Religion, Marital status, Profession , Age, Gender wise with photo
  • Ø Search by members profile ID
  • Ø The searches that are saved can be run and the result can be viewed here .


  • · Compose
  • · Draft
  • · Inbox
  • · Sent items
  • · Trash
  • Enter the messages that need to be send to other users
  • Ø Deleted messages from the inbox will be show here.
  • Ø Messages received from others will be displayed here.
  • Ø Messages send to others will be displayed here.
  • Ø Messages that are not send but saved for sending after sometime will be shown here.

My Matches

  • · Accepted Members
  • · Favourites
  • · Interest Received
  • · Interest Sent
  • · Members I am Looking For
  • · Members Looking For Me
  • Ø Members to whom I have send my profile details will be shown here.
  • Ø Members who have accepted my interest will be displayed here
  • Ø Members who have expressed interest in my profile will be displayed here.
  • Ø Members who match my partner preference will be shown here.
  • Ø Members whom I have shortlisted as favourite will be displayed here
  • Ø My Profile which matches other persons partner preference will be shown here.

Invite Friends

  • · Friends of yours can be invited to join this site.

Success Story

  • · Submit Success Story
  • · Success stories arranged year wise
  • · View Success Stories approved by ADMIN.

Express Interest

  • Integrated Payment gateway (easily configurable from the admin side).
    Refine result based on the search
    User can Upload/Modify Photos (single/multiple)

ADMIN (Backend)

  • Login Module
  • · Login with admin username and password.
  • · Option to change admin username and password.

User Management

  • Photo Approval Features
  • · Main photo approval and disapproval
  • · Photo Album approvals and disapprovals.

Featured Members Features

  • · The profile of the members who have subscribed for platinum membership will be shown here.
  • · Block / unblock member profiles
  • · Delete Member Profiles
  • · Search members based on their username, email.
  • · Site statistics containing the number of registered members, free members, paid members, grooms profile, bride profile etc.
  • · View profiles like grooms list, free members , platinum members , gold members , diamond members , brides list etc

Country Management

  • · Add City and edit /delete City.
  • · Add country and edit/delete country
  • · Add State and edit/ delete state

Community management

  • · Admin can add new community
  • · Edit/delete existing community.
  • Language/caste management
  • · Admin can add new language/ caste
  • · Edit/delete existing language /caste

Renewals Management

  • · Paid members whose renewal date is approaching is displayed here.
  • · Admin can send mail to them informing about the expiry date of the membership.

General Settings / CMS

  • · The website name , paypal id for payment, keywords/ Description for SEO , logo for the site , smtp mail port and smtp mail server etc can be configured from here.
  • · Terms of use , about us , privacy policy , contact us details etc can be configured from here.
  • News Letter
    • · Admin can send mail to the registered members
    • · Option to send mail to multiple users at the same time is there.
    • · Search member based on the username is there.
  • Reports Features
    • · Reports of the membership availed and the customers address details.
    • · Consolidated accounts of the amount generated from memberships
    • · The various membership account and option to add new one and manage existing one.
  • Search Members
    • · Search members based on various criteria like mother tongue , country , state , city , Religion and caste.
    • Success Story Approvals Features
    • · Admin can view the success stories posted by the user.
    • · Admin can edit/ delete /approve /disapprove success stories posted by the user.
    • · Those success stories approved by the admin will get displayed at the user side.

Our SEO Version

  • · Creating SEO Friendly URLs
  • · Optimizing all coding
  • · Optimizing your web pages using better HTML and JavaScript
  • · ALL PAGES dynamic Unique Meta Keywords & Description
  • · H1 Breadcrumbs ‘ tag optimize according to keyword strength
  • · Keyword String Removal
  • · Building keyword-rich URLs using PHP, Apache, and mod_rewrite
  • · Using the HTTP headers to properly indicate the status of web documents
  • · Using search engine traditional site maps effectievely


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