PPC Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

Pay per click, an extremely efficient and cost effective strategy when implemented properly.

The AceDesigno concept behind PPC is that the ads are tailored to suit a specific search engine. Based on the location relevant ads are displayed to the user.

There are several types of ads that can be put up as PPC ads, the common ones are plain text and flash based advertisements.

PPC is effective as the advertiser has to only pay for each click that the ad receives. The ads are displayed based on geographical location and is an amazing tool that can be used effectively for short term lead generation.

They can also be configured to work with various different search engines which allow you to display your ads on relevant websites.

Our Philosophy

At The AceDesigno.com we specialize in providing PPC that are very accurate and reach the intended users.

Each search engine is different and our approach is unique, AceDesigno consistently manage to out perform other companies that provide similar services.

Our standards are on an international level when it comes to PPC advertising on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

 Our Process

Our methodology is designed to bring maximum ROI in the possible short time.

  • Keyword Analysis Phase
    • Client business and requirement analysis
    • Initial keyword Analysis
  • Initial Bid Analysis Phase
  • Creative Ads Development
  • landing page optimization
  • Keyword and Bid Management
  • ROI Analysis and report


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