How to Fix WordPress When Plugin Crash WordPress

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WordPress is an open source platform there is almost all link of plugins are available, but when ever we use them we should always check the reports about that plugin for creating any problem in WordPress functionalities.

wordpress crash

What To Do When Plugin Crash Your WordPress

  • This is one of the most common problem for all WordPress uses almost every WordPress user face this problem at some point of his blogging journey, and I am not the exception of this so i face the same kind of WordPress crash problem while i am trying to install a plugin to my  WordPress blog, and i tell you that was the most horrible situation for a blogger and it is more important when you don’t know what to do when that happen, the most worst thing in that situation is that WordPress is unable to login your login failed and it shows some kind of different messages error, some of fatal errors and some server errors, but all these errors are due to the tiny small plugin that you trying to activate,
  • and then you try to contact your host customer care tech department and the coustomercare officer finally tell you that the problem is from your side it is inside your WordPress and the server is ok, and the final result is a big disappointment and frustration after the big search and there is fear to develop 404 not found errors as long the site down,
  • so after the long research i found the mechanism of the plugins how does they works most of plugins some are exceptions and according to the functioning i found some solutions for these kind of WordPress crash problems after try to installing some plugins,


hear is the final solution for everyone to repair your crash WordPress without reinstallation it


  • First of all i will tell you about the little how does plugin works in WordPress
  • In WordPress when ever we download the plugin it will be stored in ( domain/wp-content/plugins ),
  • and when we activated  it then it then it modified some files in (domain/wp-includes ),That’s a general about WordPress plugins.

now what we have to do if WordPress crash after the install of any plugin

step 1- check the /wp-admin

  • check to try the wp/admin is it working , if yes
  • then go to plugins page and deactivate it and delete the plugin, it will fix the error in max cases,
  • but if this dose not work then,

step 2— If there id any fatal error or any error and even wp-admin is not opening?

  • Then we have to use the FTP Client FileZilla, best ftp,
  • login to your account by ftp client,
  • go to ( domain/wp-content/plugins ), and delete the folder of recent plugin which you have installed,

how to fis crashed wordpress wp-plugins

  • now look for (domain/wp-includes ), and replace it with a fresh copy of this folder ( in WordPress ),

how to fis crashed wordpress wp-include

  • download the new WordPress zip, and extract it and then copy the (wp-includes ) folder to your (domain/wp-content/plugins ), in FTP, and if it ask for over right then yes to all.
  • it will work in max cases, if even it is failed then try to replace the (domain/wp-admin) , with a fresh (/wp-admin)  by using the FTP, I am sure this will definitely work,

how to fis crashed wordpress wp-admin

  • or you could try to contact your hosting support for more assistance.
  • download fresh latest WordPress
  • WordPress package

  • put comment if you if you wants any help?